Bolt module is listed on Mobile App but not on Cloud Dashboard

my bolt module is online in bolt app in my phone but there is no device in my cloud page in my laptop

I think the issue may be because of wifi setup or slow network.u can try to connect the device once more .in most cases connecting it once again solve the issue.if u connect it correcty both blue and green light will be stable .then u can see the device on dashboard.

This generally happens when you use a different email id to login to the cloud website.

Please make sure you are using the same email id that you had used on mobile app to setup the device.

This happens when the bolt module is connected to mobile app but it is not synced to cloud account. To troubleshoot follow the below mentioned steps

  1. Check whether the bolt module is connected to the correct hotspot if you are using your mobile hotspot then try to set the correct wifi ssid and password in bolt setup on mobile device
  2. Check for the green led on the bolt wifi module, if green led is not on then the bolt module is not connected to the internet or might be facing issue due to incorrect wifi credentials.