Bolt module is not working

My Bolt module is not getting connected to the network and the blue light for wifi not flickering and the both blue and green light both are stable but device is offline please help me resolve this.
I stopped using it for a month i kept in case given by Bolt iot.

Turnoff your wifi connection once and try to reconnect to the network, make sure that your mobile is very near to your device (Bolt module).

I tried that too it didn’t work

Try once again by changing your wifi itself, connect to some other network.

If you are using internet of your mobile phone then use your mobile “hotspot” for wifi network to Bolt module. And install Bolt IoT app in another mobile phone.

RECONNECT your Bolt module to the cloud using Bolt IoT app. Do all required steps of Setup.

check your internet or wifi connection. disconnect completely and then reconnect. Also, check usb connection is fitting enough, sometimes usb remains loose.

Hi @ashishchinnari108,

Record a video of your Bolt device issue and then share the video link here to resolve your issue.