Bolt Module not working even with active connection

Hello there I was working on a project of LED control. First Bolt worked fine and gave no error but after sometime it isn’t working. It is showing blue light and green light constantly so there is no issue with wifi connectivity also there is no issue with power supply. I have check LEDs with DMM and they are also working properly. But when I checked voltages across the legs of whole circuit it was showing only 60mV voltage. And I guess that’s where my problem is and output LED is not giving output. I have attached the photos and codes of my project. This bolt module is in warranty so if possible make a replacement. Please check and if any mistake done by me let me know.

Code of LED Control:

Bolt IoT Platform ON OFF

Photos of Bolt Module with circuit and measured voltage using DMM::

Hi @mshahid2002shaikh,

Remove the resistor from the connection and directly connect the led to the Bolt and check if is it working (Try changing the led).

You can send the digitalWrite command using API Check this link

Do let me know in case you are still facing the issue.

Hello sir,

I wrote the digitalWrite command as you have mentioned and my LED was working with it.
Then I once went through my code and I ran the previous code using ‘digitalWrite’ function and in browser inspect window it is showing the the requested URL is not found. So I try to make my function but I haven’t managed to make it. I have mentioned my own function code here please check it and if any mistake made by me let me know.

My function code::