Bolt module not working green light blinking

Everytime when I connect usb cable to the laptop then at once blue light blinked then it goes off and green light has very mid power and it is blinking

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The bolt module might not be getting enough power. So try connecting the module with power supply via charger.

tried that too but same problem is showing up

In this case, do the setup of the WiFi module again via the app.

The module is defective.
Try connecting to bolt service and request them to exchange the module.
You can complain about your problem at
Also dont forget to upload a video of the problem you faced.
Dont worry they will replace the bolt module as soon as possible.

try to connect more time if unless get it…dont get tensed,because by getting tensed,whether the module is working also,u couldn’t debug the mistakes…so 1st:switch off the bolt module,and go properly from the procedures…u ll solve it…

hey The problem here can be of many reason but what I was thinking is that, you should prefer using charger and if than also its not working than please delete the bolt app and reinstall the app and try linking your wifi module with the bolt app again. This will solve the problem of blue light and regarding green light that will get stable once you successfully link your wifi module with the bolt cloud. So make your id on bolt cloud fast and do as I said.
Feel free to post any other doubt or question

tried this could not connect to bolt is coming Please upload a video of the Bolt to Google Drive and share the link of the video here.
Also mention the steps you have taken till now to rectify it. Once the module is deemed defective, it will be replaced for you.

please connect the connection properly and ensure the wifi is receiving the internet is good,so sometimes is might the internet issue,and or sometimes it will some loose connections done by you…

nothing is happening I have tried this

There could be an issue with the device, however we need to check the behavior of the device after powering on.

Can you please upload a video of the Bolt powering on and behavior of the LEDs to Google Drive and share the link of the video and share the link here?

I am not able to connect with the Bolt Cloud as the green light is not working.

  1. I have given charger for supply.
  2. I have hotspot as a internet connection.
    Even then i am able to connect. please help regarding this issue. I just recieved this today

that means you are not getting wifi acess or enough power.another reason is you didnt connect to wifi
if u dont have wifi use to mobile phones to generate for module Another one for your coonection with bolt.

i would suggest that u connect the wifi module to an AC socket and not to your laptop as there might not be enough power in your laptop to run the bolt module.
Also if the green led is blinking that means that the bolt module is having a problem connecting to the cloud(internet).so first check the speed and connectivity of your wifi network to the internet and if thats fine and still the problem continues then connect the bolt module to the hotspot of another phone and the problem shall be solved.
hope this helped

I have tried it but nothing is happening

I have shared the video with our operations team. Please wait for a call from them to check the issue. You will get the call by tomorrow first half. In case of any issue with the device, we will ship you a replacement for it.

THE reason for the blue light can be your power supply to you bolt wifi module,try it again using different adaptor.
For green light-
remember that your module’s green light will not be stable if you dont connect to it to same wifi connection that you used during set up of module.

same problem with me . I have sufficient network speed and wifi connection. I have to hold the connecting(bolts port and usb cable) port to make both led turned on and gets stable. I want a replacement for the same. How will I get it ?