Bolt module password not found device not connect with internet

BOLT1119307 this device module password not found this is not link with internet

You have to use the Bolt IoT android app to connect and set up your Bolt module.
If password is required to connect to its hotspot(blue led blinking slowly), use ‘bolt1234’

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not working sir this password not working

What is the status of your LEDs? What does your app say?

Use the Bolt IoT android app to connect and set up your Bolt module ,First you have to register with your mail Id & your personal password(Which is used for the Bolt training account) then goto add device & power on you bolt device,connect the hotspot to the module then blue LED should blink slowly,check it once

As well also refer "linking the microcontroller module to the cloud"lecture deeply,which is in the Getting started with Iot cloud section.

Hi @shivam_1997,

Did you try to connect your phone to the wifi “BOLT1119307”?
Or did the app list the “BOLT1119307” as one of the available wifi?
Or did something else happen altogether?

In the 1st case, please do not do that, you are supposed to use the app to configure the Bolt WiFi module, as such you never require the password.
The only exception to this case is an Iphone. In the Iphone, the app allows you to copy the password for the Bolt WiFi module’s hotspot, and then takes you to your WiFi manager where you are supposed to connect to the WiFi, using the password.
Sometimes, because of glitches the Iphone is not able to connect to the WiFi, and flags it as a wrong password for the WiFi. Here, first enter a random password for the WiFi “BOLT1119307”, then once the system says wrong wifi, have your phone connect to the Internet, either wifi mobile data or via your home wifi, wait for about 5 minutes, and then try the setup process again. The setup will work perfectly.

For the 2nd case, please reply with the make, modle and os version of your phone. Here, please do not select the WiFi “BOLT1119307”, select your home wifi, or hotspot wifi that you created. This step is supposed to help you connect the Bolt WiFi module to your home or hotspot WiFi.

For the 3rd case, please reply with a screenshot of the app, at the location where the your phone asks for the password of the WiFi.

color led display bling