Bolt module setup

Why do we need to turn off mobile data during the process of setting up the bolt device

Without turning off the mobile data how can you connect to the bolt wifi.

@rishabhthakur612 The mobile data is switched off as the IP address will conflict with that of the Bolt. If the mobile data is switched on, then the app will not be able to connect to the Bolt as the Bolt’s IP address will conflict with that on the Internet.

Once the mobile data is switched off, there won’t be any conflict in IP.

@rishabhthakur612 Hey there, at first when we power on the BOLT module it gives its hotspot which we have to connect with our mobiles wifi.
so for connecting the bolt to our mobile (app) it requires Wi-Fi facility for connecting to the device.
Therefore the setting up process requires wifi instead of mobile data… so you have to turn the mobile data to off when setting up the BOLT module.
hope you have got your answer.
if you have more queries regarding the setting up process or anything else. let me know. happy to help you.