Bolt module to Mobile phone connection

Mobile Phone having hotspot of 5 Ghz. But Module has only 2.4 Ghz. What can I do?
My mobile phone is Vivo V5s. Is there an option to connect the device?

Don’t worry it dosen’t matter how much Ghz hotspot your mobile have. you can connect your mobile and your bolt module to any other wifi network which is of 2.4Ghz usually like any office or home wifi network. You can also use jiofi wifi router for the wifi connection it will also work as i am also using it and make sure during the connection setup that your bolt module and your device to which your bolt module is attached are connected to the same wifi network.

Don’t worry you have one option to do.
Go to your wifi settings. Then tap on the 3 dot icon, then tap advanced wifi settings and change the frequency band to 2.4Ghz. And you are done. Now follow the procedure once again to achieve your goal.

Even though the hotspot is connected the module is not getting connected with my mobile