Bolt module unresponsive both lights are glowing

when I plug in my bolt wifi module both the blue and green light are glowing but when I run any program I’m not getting any results. I have tried running different types of code it doesn’t respond I have attached the screenshot. please check it and resolve my problem
Lohith Aryan

Share a screenshot of your code

What project are you working on?
Maybe You have not linked your Hardware to Bolt cloud.


Can you share the code? Also, is the device shown online on the dashboard when you are collecting the data?

Seeing your datasheet, i guess you are working on your first project, that is, light monitor(using LDR).
You might be having these possible problems due to which the expected output is not coming:

  • Firstly, check whether you are online or not. This can be checked by seeing whether there is a green light/red light present in your bolt cloud status. Green light symbolises that you are online.Incase you are offline, please do connect your boltiot module via the USB cable provided.
  • Next,please check your connection properly as been instructed and also check whether you have linked your boltiot module or not.
  • check if both the Green Led and Blue Led of the Hardware are on and stable.
  • Finally check your code. I am sharing the screenshot of my code and the necessary changes that needs to be done before running the code.

Please check all these things properly once again.
I hope this will help you. :blush: