Bolt Module Unresponsive

I had just received the bolt WiFi module package and I powered it to 1) My laptop 2) The Power Outlet separately to check. Once I connect the power source , the green LED blinks for a second and then turns completely unresponsive. Is there something wrong with the module? And is there any fix for this?

Looks like we will have to replace your WiFi Module. So sorry for the trouble.

Please shoot a video, upload it on Google drive and share the link to

You will get a replacement as part of the 1-year warranty.

My bolt wifi module is failing to give output as I tried to use a buzzer it is not making any sound when buzz on is pressed.
But if I create another project for temperature detection, it works fine and plots the required graph.
Please help me and tell me if the wifi module has got damaged or something else?
and if there is a problem how would i get it replaced?

@shubham11gupta10 Please make sure that the buzzer terminals are connected right to the bolt WiFi module (i.e., cathode to the negative and anode to positive). I am not sure to which circuit the buzzer is being used, but if your doubt is regarding the feeble sound of the buzzer, try removing the sticker on top of the buzzer.

i did all this even i tried many connections with all the 5 digital as well as analog pins, but non responded to write function, they just responds to the read function and hence I am confused that the errors in my side or over the cloud?

@shubham11gupta10 as I have told earlier that you are not able to execute the output functions because of the fact that you must have set the product type as Input Device. So do follow these steps for one more time, pls. I am sure you will get success.

  1. Create a new product. Choose Output Device as product type and GPIO as the interface type .
  2. Go to the code tab of the product and there write the following code:

name : ‘Buzzer On’,
action : ‘analogWrite’,
pin : ‘4’,
value : ‘200’,
bgcolor : ‘white’,
shape : ‘rectangle’,
align : ‘left’,
text-color : ‘white’

  1. Save the code with a js extension.
  2. Link this product to the Bolt device.
  3. Make the hardware connections (use male to female jumper wires).Connect shorter leg of buzzer to Gnd and the longer leg to Pin 4.

No need for hardware configuration for the product. Don’t use a resistor

I know it might sound very repetitive. But please do these steps for one more time from scratch :slight_smile:

@shubham11gupta10 do reply after following the above steps :slight_smile:

the code is still not working

@shubham11gupta10 then the last way to check whether your module is okay or not is by directly running the API command .

So write the following code in your browser and then hit enter:

Write your correct api key and device id in your browser. For e.g.:

Do share the browser’s output after running the url. Share the screenshot

@shubham11gupta10 did you try that? Do share the screenshot