Bolt network not connecting to my 📱

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Hello guys
I am unable to connect to the bolt network. The green light pops up and the bolt network option vanishes from my network list. My phone is miui 5g.

What should I do???

Hi @rutv.shah,

This issue is because you might have not done the complete Wifi setup for the device using your phone.
During the Wifi Setup in the Last Step you will have to click in Verify Wifi Setup button where your device gets linked to your mail ID, you might have missed out on that step.

Can you please share your Device ID and Email ID to which your device is to be linked so that we can do it from our end and the device will then be visible on the dashboard.

Hi @rutv.shah
Green LED indicates Wi-Fi if its working good else try to connect the device to your Wi-Fi server again by deleting it. I suggest you try doing the setup one more time. Generally, that solves the problem.
Blue light indicates whether your device is getting power supply or not. If the device is working fine, then it might be some fault in the LED.
Hope that helps

My email id is

Still network name not appearing !!!

Where can I find my device ID?


When you were trying to do the Wifi Setup, You had clicked on Open Wifi Settings and tried to connect the Bolt prefixed network right.
That is the Bolt Device ID which is required for us to link it to your account.

If you had not noted down that Device ID then you follow these steps:

  1. Turn OFF the WiFi Router to which the device is connected to
  2. Now Power ON the Bolt Wifi Module using a USB Cable.
  3. You will see that the Blue LED will be stable/Blinking Slowly on the Wifi Module indicating that it is generating its own hotspot.
  4. Now turn ON the Wifi of your phone and see for the network with BOLT Prefix among the list of networks on your phone.

The BOLT Prefixed network name is the Device ID.
Once you get the Device ID you may share it with me so that I can link it to your ID

Ok thank-you @rohit.ts
That is very helpful for me

These are my device ID’s

This is my bold device id

Now once I have connected to the bolt network it shows this and never goes ahead

Hi @rutv.shah,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
I have linked the Bolt Device BOLT11765065 to the Email ID
Now you should be able to view the device in the Bolt Cloud dashboard when logged into the Bolt Cloud using the same Email ID.