Bolt New phone connection

If I connected the Bolt wifi module to one mobile phone,then if I want to change the mobile phone,what should I do?Just by installing bolt IoT app in new phone connects it with new phone or Is there any alternative to switch to new mobile.

Yes you need to install the bot iot app on the phone you wish to use. Then login using your credentials and follow the same steps you did on the phone you used previously.

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Install Bolt IoT smartphone app

Download the Bolt IoT app and use the steps given in the app to set up your Bolt device.

@r151737 ya bro you need to install the bolt iot application on your new mobile and get the new connection by login through your credentials i.e username and password…
Try it and if it works…
Confirm me…about the success…

Just installing Boltapp will works perfectly.

Basically you are not connecting your Bolt module to your phone, you are using your phone to connect the bolt module to the internet so it doesn’t matter how many different handsets you use. Just follow the same steps you did the first time.
Here’s the link if you want the step-by-step.

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