Bolt not connecting to mobile app

I followed the procedure given in bolt app,while connecting bolt to mobile app both blue and green led are stable but mobile app is unable to detect the device. What to do please help!

Firstly, power off the Bolt and try connecting it again, if it does not work please turn off all the available internet connections until the Bolt is connected to your mobile phone.Once the Bolt is connected to the mobile-phone then switch on the internet connections and connect the Bolt to the available Wi-fi or hotspot.
Please try, this may work.

At start my mobile got connected to bolt wifi, during setup i have connected bolt to 5GHz by mistake instead of 2.5GHz so its asking to setup again. Now when im trying to connect my mobile to bolt wi-fi again bolt wifi is asking for password which i dont know. What to do?

Hello @mallisreenu72
Enter bolt wifi password “bolt1234”
than your mobile is connected to bolt wifi
Hope this information is useful for you :+1:

Thanks! now im able to connect it. It helped me.

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I followed the procedure once but it got interrupted due to network issue. Now I am getting both green and blue led to be stable but the device isn’t getting added.It is coming as ‘Couldn’t connect to bolt’.