BOLT NOT Connecting TO the App, can it possible because i used university 's WIFI?

The BOLT device’s Blue LED is continously ON. I is added it to the app but it is showing the following message:

@b.sakshi93: If the blue LED on the Bolt is continuously ON, this means that it has connected to some WiFi available in near by.
If the Both the green LED and the Blue LED on the Bolt stay continuously ON, then the device will show as online.

If the Blue LED is ON, but the Green LED is off, this means that the Bolt has connected to the a WiFi, which is not allowing it internet access.

I could not understand what message you were trying to point out to, by the screenshot of the Bolt Cloud dashboard? Are you trying to say that the device is shown as offline?

yes , why is it showing offline.


Please check if the Green LED on the Bolt is on or not.

The Green LED indicates that the Bolt is able to connect to the Bolt Cloud.

There are 2 possible reasons for the Green LED to not be on.

  1. The WiFi source that you have the Bolt connected to, is not supplying an Internet connection to the Bolt.
  2. The WiFi source that you have the Bolt connected to, is blocking the Bolt WiFi module to the Bolt Cloud cloud communications port.

If the Green LED is on, but the Bolt is shown as offline on the Bolt Cloud dashboard, please write to