Bolt not connecting to the App

Blue light is blinking but the module is unable to connect to my app. I logged out and logged in again but still unable to solve the problem. Please help me out.

Resolved the problem… Got it from the comments below. Thanks .

You should be connected to that wifi through mobile which you have used in the first attempt.

i m having the same problem,i m connecting my bolt device to the wifi through the mobile which i used in the first attempt,but still i m unable to connect my bolt device with app,what can i do?,please help out

@vidhee6 What is the status of the LEDs on the Bolt when you power it on?

You can change the wi-fi connection. But it should have no problem if you are connecting with the same wi-fi source.

@brlimaye078 first of all make sure that you have a wifi connection on your phone… after that press on the “Add Device” option and then follow the steps carefully…if it is not happening in first attemp try it several times…

Same problem I am also getting.
Error: Try again…

My Module is connected to the WiFi network. Green LED is turned ON, but my app says can’t connect… Connection lost… Tried it for 20 times or so…🤷

Hi @brlimaye078,

Open the in your laptop and check the status of Bolt device in the browser. Green led is on means - your Bolt device is connected to your wifi network and you can continue with your projects.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Connect to wifi module to 5V, and open bolt app and follow the steps properly

@brlimaye078 If your having wifi connection at home its ok or u should have two phones to connect to bolt app, the phone which your using bolt app should be connected to wifi.
next click “Add device” and follow the steps correctly