Bolt not connecting to the cloud

I have been working with bolt for about a week now and have made certain products like led control or alarm system. But now suddenly the green led on the device has stopped glowing.Which i think has disconnected the bolt from the cloud…any solutions??

Hi @guneetbhatia.96 ,
Please connect your bolt to another Wi-Fi network. It seems that bolt is not getting the internet connection.
Let me know in case you need further assistance.

I’m new at this.
can you please guide me how to do that.??
although now it is connected to cloud after i deployed hardware configuration again but still…


The green LED being on is a clear indication that the WiFi Bolt is currently connected to (Blue LED Stable not blinking) has internet access to Bolt cloud.

If the Blue LED is stable and green LED is Off that mean the WiFi it is connected to doesn’t have a good internet connection or some firewall is blocking bolt from connecting to the cloud.

To connect Bolt to a different network, Simply switch off the WiFi it is currently connected to (or change its password) and do the Setup process over Bolt IoT app again

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Ive been trying to do that for a day now.
sometimes alert pops out that device already linked or you need an internet connection to do that…

hi @guneetbhatia.96 ,
Please make a small video of your bolt setup and upload it to google drive and share the video link with us.

@guneetbhatia.96 Share the link of Video of Bolt setup process (via Google Drive) here as a reply to this thread on forum.

Can you please verify that when you click on connect button after entering your Wifi network name and password, the LEDS on your bolt momentarily get switched off??
Also in the video shared by you, after you added the WiFi password you changed one setting from the dropdown menu. Can you tell what it was, since its not visible in the video. What was the option you selected.

Yes after clicking on connect bolt momentarily switches off.
and i changed security type of wifi to WPA2 PSK

Ok. When it just switches off, can you quickly switch off the WiFi settings of your iPAD? What’s happening is the iPAD is connecting to the Bolt Module. Please try this out and let me know if it works for you.

same error
Device already linked to your account

is the green light on your Bolt becoming stable? Also can you try this same setup process using an Android phone?

Green light doesnt even blink except for the one time in the beginning.
and done this process with android
Same result
Device already linked to your account

Hi Guneet,

Have found any luck in the setup? If not then please share your contact details so that I can get in touch with you.

Nops no luck…
can you share your email id so that i can get in touch with you when i have my bolt system with me…??

Hi Guneet,

You can write to my colleague Rahul Singh on
He shall help you with hardware setup on call. Please do not forget to share your contact details so that he can get in touch.

@rahul.singh Please help Guneet with the setup at the earliest.

please connect your bolt module to some another Wi-Fi network and try again. I think that your bolt device is not getting the internet connection in order to connect to the bolt cloud.

Internet Connection must be missing. Try once

As you green LED is not blinking,which means your internet connection is disabled…So please check your internet connection first…If the same problem arises again,then try to connect your bolt wifi module to another network…Do follow the same procedure you did previously…I hope your doubt is cleared…feel free to ask agan if you have any doubts…Thank you…!!