Bolt not connecting to the cloud

My bolt iot deviced ask for password to connect to my mobile… What should I do ?
So after it not work… So I log out my bolt account… Then it can not connect again to bolt app… What can I do?

Default password to connect to bolt module is bolt1234 @alokranjan7258 :blush: Hope this helps

Its seems that your device is not connected to bolt cloud. Its not responding to bolt cloud , it may be your internet connection is down as the green light indicate that it is connected to bolt cloud where data transmission are possible.Do one thing turn off your device module and turn on the device again, the stable blue light will indicate that your device is connected to cloud and if the WiFi router or mobile hotspot is not on, then the device wont be online for deploying data on cloud.

Make sure your internet connection is on and then check the green light which will make sure that your internet connection is on. If this problem not solved , try troubleshooting your device.
Good Luck

Try changing your WiFi network or disconnect from present network using your mobile app and do the connection configuration again.

i have been working with the bolt for nearly a month and made projects like led control and so on .But now suddenly the green light has stopped glowing and the blue light is slowly glowing any solutions to it?
please do help me out

i found the solution to my problem actually what i did wassimple,i just followed the steps which is given in training on how to connect bolt to wifi network so i simply repeated the steps and then my bolt automatically connected to my wifi network