Bolt not powering up

Dear Devloper,

I am trying to connect Bolt Device with my laptop with USB cable but unable to connect and i tried with my android USB cable but it didn’t work either. I guess the USB connector in the device is not working properly as it connect for few seconds till i put pressure on cable, just when i remove my hands it stops working help me regarding this issue.I shall be thankful to you.

Chirag Singh

For working properly your laptop should have maximum charging 50 percentage or above , not below the lower critical percentage

Try using some another USB cable. Mostly it is the fault of USB cables. Also try powering your bolt module with the charger.

Try to change the BOLT IOT Adapter. OR
Try to connect your PC with internet so that you can get BOLT IOT product online.

@singhchirag016 It may be a hardware issue. Try to see if the issue persists with different USB cables and different power sources.
If not, then please send a small video showing the problem to and we will look into replacing it for you.

Hi, My bolt also has the same issue. The USB cable is very tight onto it and cannot be removed. I tried removing it a bit and now there is some sort of loose connection in the slot. When i touch the cable connector in a particular position, then only the bolt starts up. I believe the usb cable is fully in the compartment. Please advise.

Please advise on this. My bolt does not work unless i keep a finger on the USB cable. The cable is very tight onto the slot and not able to remove either.

Hi @athirap2007,

Can you try with a different USB cable and check if it is working.

The usb cable is very tight into the female port. I tried removing it once (which was unsuccessfull because the cable was very tight) after which all this loose connection happened. I can see that the female port is loose to the module itself which is why i need to keep a weight to it.

Hi @athirap2007,

Please recored a video of this issue and upload it to the google drive and then share the public of the video to and also share the link for this discussion and we will replace your device.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.