Bolt not turning on... GND and 3.3v pins shorted

I am working on the COVID-19 project. After setting up hotspot for bolt module, I powered it down. After sometime I connected it again but the blue led did not glow. The power supply(ps) has adequate current which I always used for the bolt. But this time it does not turn on. I also checked the ps with arduino it works and bolt on other ps but it did not work. I lastly checked the module with a multimeter and interestingly the 3.3v and ground pins are shorted. Can it be the problem of voltage regulator? If so I have some spare ams1117 3.3v regulators which I can replace with?

Hi @electronicspro,

How did you power up the Bolt WiFi module?
Did you use the USB cable or some other method to power up the device?

As I said. I used the same power supply with the provided usb cable in kit.

Try the same procedure with different power supply.

Already done and as I said if the 3.3v and GND pins are shorted the power supplies are not working properly. But working for charging phones.

Hi @electronicspro,

As a just in case, please check with some other power supply. Something may have changed with respect to the power supply. If the module is still not powering up, please check if the blue LED flickers when you power up the device for some time before turning off completely.

If you short the power and ground accidentally without a resistor, the bolt module will draw heavy current which may damage the module. Kindly check your module’s working condition. I hope this information is useful.

Hey. My module wouldn’t turn on . The blue LED flickers on connection and then goes off. Changed the USB but same outcome.