Bolt not working

sir i am facing a problem with my device as the blue LED is not working.When i first connected it
, the blue light and the green light was working fine but after a minute the blue LED stopped working.I tried connecting it with a different charger but still the blue light doesn’t work.during starting the green LED works properly as you mentioned in the training.but the Blue led won’t work.Please help me.

Hi @tomthomasjm37,

Please recored a video of the issue and upload it to google drive and then share the public link of the video to After checking the video, we will arrange the replacement for your Bolt. (Once lockdown is over. )

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

sorry for delay in sending the videos.

sir i have send the videos.please watch them and help me fix it.please respond if u got the videos i sent.i am unable to do the course because i dont have a working bolt iot platform.please help me sir.