Bolt over LAN without internet

Is there any way by which i can use bolt microcontroller over home LAN network only without internet or when internet access is not available ?

As Bolt module works with wifi and cloud, it need the same wifi which is used while registering the it won’t work with home LAN network or with out internet.

Hope this may help you. thank you.

@ravi_verma The whole concept of IoT is that Internet is required for the Bolt device to work. If you do not supply internet, then it will not work.
Also, you will need to have WiFi network over which the Bolt will connect to the Internet. The Bolt does not have LAN port.

hello sir @shoeb.ahmed !
I’m talking about wireless-LAN, via wi-fi. if there is any way, then it will increase the data access speed. Also, it will be useful if my phone and bolt are connected to same wi-fi network.

@ravi_verma The Bolt does not actually require a very high speed network as it uses very little bandwidth. Unless if your internet connection speed is below 512kbps or there are a lot of devices already connected to the network, then it may take a little longer than usual.

No, it does not matter is your phone and the Bolt are connected to the same WiFi network.