Bolt passwsord connection problem

Dear sir ,
I connect my mobile with bolt .its connects and i also set password it also change but next time I will connect password incorrect error will came

  1. First time your bolt was connected with mobile but later on, second time your bolt shows an error password this is because you had changed your password after connecting your bolt device with mobile at the very first time. Check your WiFi password and then check whether it is connected or not .

  2. If above mentioned solution is not working then use two mobiles ,one for bolt app and second for WiFi connection.

    If you have further any queries please ask me.


You must keep the following in mind while connecting your mobile to your BOLTIOT device :

  • Turn ON Location Service(GPS) on your mobile.
  • Turn OFF WiFi of your mobile.
  • Turn OFF Mobile Data of your Mobile.

It worked for me, hope it works for you too.

Thank you.

1st check weather your password is in uppercase or lowercase. other wise go for forgo password

Once check is WiFi connecting to your mobile. Are you able to access data.
If your are able to access data there is no problem with your WiFi.
Now power on bolt WiFi module and place your mobile close to bolt WiFi module by turn on WiFi in your mobile.
Now select bolt WiFi module in your mobile .
Select forgot network option in your mobile to clear the password you entered first.
Now once turn off and turn on WiFi in your mobile. (You can not change the password of bolt WiFi module.)
Now bolt WiFi module will connect automatically to your mobile.
turn off your WiFi router until blue light is stable on your bolt WiFi module.
Then turn on your WiFi router for network access to cloud.

First check your password and re-enter the password again and follow then steps
step1: Remove the internet connection of your moblie
step2: Turn ON your GPS on moblie