Bolt python API use on window 7

How to use Bolt python API on window 7.

@ironpradeep991 You can install Python normally on Windows. Installing the Boltiot python library is as simple as installing via pip.

@ironpradeep991 you first install ubuntu in ur system via virtual machine and follow thw commands given in bolt python lib :to setup bolt python lib

I installed visual code studio with python extension.How can I install bolt python API ?

Just type the following in a new file:

pip install boltiot

Now save the file somewhere in your system with β€˜.py’ extension. Now run the file on VSCode. It’s as simple as that:slightly_smiling_face:

I am getting an error.

@ironpradeep991 Recommend that you do the same via your command prompt. Sometimes, the VSCode paths may not be properly set.

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