Bolt Python library has not been setup

I was trying to setup bolt python library using ubuntu from VMware. I followed all the commands given in the workshop but still I am getting some error & I am not able to figure out what it is. Please help me through this.
Below is the screenshot of the console:

Steps to install BOLT python library:
1] Check for your python version(if python3)
2] sudo apt-get update
3] sudo apt-get upgrade
4] sudo apt install python3-pip
5] sudo pip3 install boltiot

Follow these steps, you can install it without any error and also make sure you are in the root to use sudo.

Can you explain what does the highlighted(yellow) text in the console says?


The text in yellow color are warning messages which you can ignore.

It is indicating that you current pip version is old and how you can upgrade it. This is optional.