Bolt python library not installing

Why bolt python library is not installing while working in linux terminal?
I have installed the linux terminal with your provided links only,then why this problem is occuring?

Try to install 3rd alternative method it is same as 2nd alternative method and is less complex while using it.

Hey, inorder to run python programs , download Python IDLE as it is more simpler.
You can go to the command prompt to install Bolt package. Just type :
pip install boltiot

bolt python libraray might not be compatible wuth your python version
you can install anaconda if you have windows and create an environment to run your bolt python lirary python 3.6 , 3.7,3.8 are good
you can create multiple environments in anaconda to install different python version

how to install anaconda link –

open anaconda prompt

go to

managing python

in below given docs link -