Bolt python library


I am not able to set up library according to the instruction provided.I am attaching screenshot for refrence.


@kr.mayank.singh Can you please share the command that you have used?


I have used
sudo apt install python3-pip


Then it started loading and then there came a option of " Need of 231 mb of disk space… Do you want yo continue(y/n)?"
I typed “y” And entered


@kr.mayank.singh Try using the command sudo apt-get install python3-pip.
Let me know if it works.


Not worked even after applying that


Hiiii @kr.mayank.singh
I too faced a similar problem like that when installing python…You know I think it’s not mandatory only to install python3…other versions are also working. You just try to implement these commands once and let me know what happened.
1.sudo apt install python
2.sudo apt install python-pip


Worked now…after reinstalling ubuntu by changing some of the informations