BOLT registered still not showing on Cloud


I followed the steps to register my device to BOLT Cloud and I got this message -
{“success”:“1”,“value”:“Registration attempted successfully
Visit for comfirmation
Registered device cannot be re-registered
User must unassign it first”}

but on going to home page it still says
Currently there seems to be no devices assigned to you

I logged out and logged in again a couple of times but the problem persists.


Once again register your bolt device and try again


Hey, I am facing a similar issue. I tried registering again but it didn’t work.


I just tried again and it worked somehow, but instead of an image the alternative text is being displayed -

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It worked for me as well. Even in the video uploaded in the module is shows the alternative text so that’s okay.


Once you upload your image to the device, it will replace the alternative text.


same issue with me. But tried registering it again and signed out and in a couple of times, even restarted the bolt device.


Hi @adeebnabdulsalam ,
Please refer this thread Even after Registering Bolt device is not showing in my cloud .

Let me know in case you need further assitance.