Bolt response extremely sluggish to I/O commands

I am trying to upload a reasonably large index.htm file and data.htm file. Refer the attachment ZIP file which has all relevant files and the screen shot details…


. Index.png - Start page to login, add user, configure IP, Set Digital & Analog (input/output)
2. useradd.png - user add/edit
3. IPConfig.png - Configue ip address(mandatory), port (options)
4. Setting.png - Configure pin and the role Digital (Input / Output) & Analog
5. data.png - based on the Setting this screen will be displayed and communicates with BOLT to show the digital status and analog values.

we have used localStorage (HTML5 local storage) to store data in local pc

Are the pages above created by you or you are accessing it from some site? Becuase I don’t think you can configure IP address and Port of Bolt. Do let us know if you have developed a way to do the same,

Bolt 1 one does take about 2-3 seconds to respond to any commands. This happens due to the additional ATmega present on Bolt.

Is this the issue you are facing or there is some other problem?

@raghunathanr If you are trying to upload the files to the Bolt 1 then it will take you quite some time.
A few ways to solve this are:

  1. Manually upload the files to the Bolt’s SD card using a SD card adapter.
  2. Create files which do not use external css & the files are minified. This will help reduce the loading time.