Bolt Setup Debugging WiFi Connection

Here are steps to Debug the errors that occur during the Bolt Setup:

Step 1: Check if the Red LED on Bolt is On. If it is not On then it means your Bolt is not powered on. Use a 5V Micro USB Power Adaptor connected to a power supply mains to power on the Bolt.

The Bolt may not work if power via a USB of a computer.

Step 2: Check if the SD card on Bolt is correctly inserted. The SD card should not be loose.

Step 3. Check for the Blue LED on Bolt.

If it is blinking then it means your Bolt is not connected to a WiFi network/router. In that case, go to this link and proceed.: Bolt Blue LED Blinking But Unable to Connected

If the Blue LED is not blinking and is stable means it is connected to the WiFi Network. In that case click here to proceed: Unable to FInd the IP Address of Bolt

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Hey My bolt is connected …to my wifi router.
But when i enter the ip address it shows me the configuration page again.
even after enter the details and restarting it shows the same page again

That is because you have not uploaded any other page. Since you have done the configuration, you can now do the section on controlling Output devices and so on.