Bolt Setup is not working in iPhone

After getting the bolt device and downloading the app in iphone, when I am trying to connect the devie through “Add Device” button, I am faceing below issues.

For the first time, the bolt Add devive button works well and I am able to select the Bolt hotspot. In the device listing section, the device was showing with RED dot which means, the device was not able to connect to Cloud. So I remove that and tried to add the device again.

When I am trying to add the device again, below issues are popping up.

  1. The Blue light starting blinking immediately when connecting the power cable.
  2. After 2/3 sec, the blue light gets stop blinking but the light is on.
  3. I clicked on the Add Device button and scroll to the 3rd page where I have to open the Wifi Settings page from my mobile and select the Wife name starts with BOLT**. But I cant find any wifi which starts with BOLT*.
  4. Restarted Mobile and unplugged and plugged the bolt device many times but nothing works.

How to solve this problem so that the bolt device can connect to the cloud.

Thanks a lot.

Hi prakashduttaru. When the Blue LED on your Bolt Wifi Module is ON and stable (not blinking), it means that your Bolt Wifi module is connected to your home/office’s Wifi Connection. This happens when you configure your Bolt Wifi Module for the first time.
As for the Green LED, it indicates whether your Bolt Wifi Module is connected to the internet and Bolt Cloud. In your case, the Blue LED is ON and the mobile app is showing a red dot beside your device’s name. This means that your Bolt Wifi module is connected to your home/office’s Wifi network but is not connected to the internet. Make sure that the Wifi connection you are using is connected to the internet because you won’t be able to connect to Bolt Cloud without internet access. When you are connected to Bolt Cloud and the internet, you will see that your Bolt Wifi module will have a Green LED ON now.
If you’re having further difficulty in accessing Bolt Cloud even after having an internet connection, make sure that the Firewall settings of your internet does not have any device or port restrictions.
I hope this helps you out.

@prakashduttaru If the Blue light on the Bolt is glowing constantly, it means that the Bolt is connected to a WiFi network.
If the Green LED on the Bolt is glowing, it means that the device is connected to a WiFi network and no further setup is required. It should display as online on the Cloud.

If the Blue LED is glowing, but the Green LED is not, then it means that the Bolt has connected to the WiFi network, but is unable to connect to the internet. This may be because of various issues on the WiFi network.
You will need to check the selected WiFi network if there is any sort of access control mechanism or internet issues.

Try using an android device, i faced similar issues on my iphone

lol me too., i too tried using an android device..