Bolt started.. sensor data posting to cloud ... then?

Sorry if this is a stuipid question.

I have been able to easily link up to the cloud with the V2 Bolt hardware and now am ready to post data to the cloud. Also see that there is a Arduino helper . Good.

  1. I want to acquire and post 5 Analog channel data ( 0-1023 range) from my Nano via the UART. How do i do this ?

  2. Once posted to the Bolt cloud, how do i retrieve the data and use it elsewhere ?

  3. What are the Cloud hosting charges for commerciual applications ?


Hi @raghunathanr,

1- To send 5 analog channel data to the Bolt cloud using an Arduino nano, you need to connect the 5 analog channels to the analog inputs of the nano.
Then you have to use the boltiot-arduino-helper library (check out the interfacing controllers documentation on The only change you need to make is in the boltiot.CheckPoll function. Instead of passing only 1 argument you need to send all 5 analog data. The following is a valid instruction line

You can send up to 6 variables to the Bolt Cloud in this manner.

2- Bolt Cloud offers Bolt Cloud API, Using Bolt Cloud API, You can fetch device data from bolt cloud to your server or you can send commands to your bolt device from your server.

  1. I will confirm this answer with our marketing team and then I will let you know.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

@rahul.singh with regard to 2 point, what is the method to fetch the data from cloud i mean what is the code needed for it.

Hi @namdev.1,

I made a sample project for doing the same. I am fetching the live data using bolt cloud api and storing it into mysql and then plotting the graph to my server. Please check this

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

i wan to send the predicted data from viewscreen on boltcloud to my ubuntu server.What is the code for it ?