Bolt to MysQl integration using Python and/or Flask

How do I make the time and date( of alert caused by IR sensor connected to bolt module) to be sent and stored in mysql databse?


Can you give us a quick overview of the current setup of your project? This will help us in guiding you in a better way.

MySQL has date type columns in which you can directly store datetime values using basic insert query.

We’re using an IR sensor to detect when the waste bin becomes full. Once it detects the bin is full, it must update the database with the time and date of the alert.
We’re using that database to make a website where an admin can assign cleaners to clean that particular bin. Once the cleaner cleans, he also updates the database with time and date of cleaning. From this we then derive a statistic of average response time.

Hi @tejaswinis.cs17,

Check this link

Do let me know in case you need further assistance with your project.