Bolt to run dc motor

hey team,
I am trying to run a dc motor using bolt.
PIN 0 and GND.
but the motor is not running ,
LED turns on
I am using bubble to build the interface.

The motor that you are using needs more current to run , as the bolt module is not able to produce that much of current so motor will not rotate.
Also it’s not a good idea to directly connect such a heavy load on this module or even on any other boards like arduino or some other boards. It will destroy your module.
Please use a relay to run your motor.

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You will have to use an external supply to motor and that supply will be controlled via motor you need to 2 things motor driver and a 9 V or 12 V external dc supply for dc motor. You will give command to motor driver when to give external supply to motor

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For controlling pwm signals for DC motor you will a motor driver like l293d orl298n and its pins can be controlled via bolt’s HIGH ,LOW or 1 ,0 for generating a square wave pwm

You can use a comparator using an Operational Amplifier to run a DC motor. Inverting terminal of the comparator is to be connected to the ground and the Non-Inverting terminal is to be connected to the PIN 0 . The Vcc must be chosen such that the DC motor runs (mostly +9vor +12v ).