Bolt update for firmware v1.1

I can’t use bolt cloud. When will the firmware update for version1.1 will be released


Can you send the current version of your Bolt.

To find it simple type the following URL after replacing ip_address with the actual IP of Bolt on your local network


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{“Bolt Version”:“1”,“Firmware Version”:“1.1(168)”}


The updates can be shipped out for Bolt firmware versions 1.2 only, if you still need an update you will have to ship your bolt to us and we will update it manually, after which you can access all new updates as well


Is it possible to connect to the cloud with firmware version 1.1(168)?

If not, Is there any other way we can update the firmware from 1.1(168) other than shipping it to you?

If not, Kindly let me know the procedure to ship my bolt to you.


I’ve taken forward your request. Will update you soon regarding this.

Hi @hari14497 ,

Can you share one photo of the Bolt device? Does your Bolt have inbuilt SD card support?

Yes it has inbuild SD card support. @rahul.singh1

Hi @hari14497 ,

The new update is not available to this version of the Bolt WiFi module.
Please share your device id and I will link it to your account. Then you can just connect your bolt device to your home wifi network and you can continue with your project.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Hi @rahul.singh1. Thanks for the info. Here is the device Id BOLT9138351

Hi @hari14497 ,

Let me know once you connect your Bolt device to an internet-enabled wifi network.

Hi @rahul.singh1 the device is now connected to the wifi.

Hi @hari14497 ,

Is the blue led stable?

Hi @rahul.singh1 Yes the blue LED is stable

Hi @rahul.singh1 ,

I looked into this and this version of the device does not support Bolt Cloud. You can control your device on the local network. Also since this device is out of warranty, we can not provide support in upgrading this device.