Bolt USB Loose and not connecting to WiFi Hotspot

My Bolt is not working properly…
First of all the USB port is very loose so i have to keep it in a particular angle to make it work.
Secondly, after doing some experiments, my bolt got disconnected to wifi and now its not connecting and not even showing its own hotspot, the lights are continuously blinking but no hotspot is showing nor is it connecting.

I recommend you to remove the sd card from bolt. Connect it to your pc or laptop using card reader. Check the bs.txt file whether the data is present and correct. If it is wrong correct it and try again.Check whether all the files are there. Even though it is correct and you are getting the error I recommend you to format it and upload the bolt sd card files from Hope it solves the problem.
Coming to loose USB port it might have been bent. My usb port to bolt is broken . But at an angle when I am attaching it to bolt it is working. I don’t think you need to worry much about that.


Do try using a different USB cable as well

@mananrajdev Is your issue resolved?

It is not just you faced this issue. This USB issue was killing me since an hour.
Finally I found this thread:

I had to uninstall my Generic USB Drivers and just restarted my computer which fixed the problem with the same cable and nothing any much efforts.

Damn old thread this is. I hope my trick would help someone now in 2019.