Bolt using with app

Hey there my self Muder Peer, i am facing some issue in the app. i am able to create my app but not able to control the led please help.

Hi @muderpeer786, this is not an answer to your question. I just wantwd to know from where did you learn bubble? Was it there in the course?

Hi @muderpeer786,

I am inviting @yeshwant.naik . He will help you out with this issue.

Sir you just wrote the name of the same guy twice!!

Hi @jindaldhruva,

You can use this link


Sorry, edited the reply.

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Hey, @jindaldhruva i was looking for some home automation projects on youtube using the bolt module.there i saw the app and no its not in the course.

@muderpeer786 you can watch youtube videos to learn it.

@muderpeer786 go through this once :point_down: