Bolt wfi Module Connecting problem

Hi, Sir
When for first time I was connecting wifi module it worked fine and got connected also easily without any problem. But second time when I am trying to connected this problem is taking place.
When I connect my wifi module with USB cable and plugging it into power the blue light is blinking once when it is connected after that it is not blinking not even blinking slowly or stable.

Make sure you have an active internet connection and your wi-fi has active data.
If all are okay then reconnect the module following the same method as discussed in the course.
hope you will be connected with ease.

Sir, Internet Connection is working fine no issue with that

Sir, one more i want to add on that yesterday my roommate reset the wifi router, but nothing change made in name or password of the wifi.

Nothing Happening, the blue light is just blinking once and then getting off, what to do please help me with this.

Today morning again I have tried to connect it this time blue light was stable and it was showing online status in both bolt app and dashboard but green light was not blinking, so again i removed it tried to reconnect it, I faced same issue like tomorrow, the blue light blinked once and then got off.

@mdqamarhashmi411 Which power supply are you using to power on the Bolt? It may be that the Bolt is not getting enough power to operate.

Add new device for connecting internet and also make sure your module and phone connected or not