BOLT WI-FI module isn't working

Hello Bolt IoT
I was connecting Bolt Wi-Fi module with the USB which they have provided with the product, I was testing the Bolt Wi-Fi Module if it is working. I was unable to unplug it because it is very hard to pull off.
After 3-4 days when I wanted to reconnect my wi-fi module to device, it won’t worked. Please give me an advice ASAP so I can continue with my training and projects.

@tanishthombare2019.c of course the cable is really plug hard with the module but it won’t affect it at any cost you improperly plug or unplug it also if you wants to setup with new wifi kindly choose add new device option in boltiot app and follow the procedures that had you done previously with the setup

@rajmohanoff I have tried it for 3-4 times, it won’t worked. But when I looked closer to the plug port, one side of the plug port got loosened and got damaged

@tanishthombare2019.c no problem mate just replace the module

@rajmohanoff Ok, thank you for your reply.

Hi @tanishthombare2019.c,
I have taken this to the team. I’ll let you know once there’s an update.

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@tanishthombare2019.c You are right USB provided with starter kit is not compatible . I also struggled with it . Thank god ! I have another USB (JIO-FI charger) too that works fine.
So , please buy another USB …