Bolt wi-fi module not working (Light blinks only once and then stops)

I think my bolt module stopped working. When I connect it to power, the blue light blinks only once and then stops. Kindly help me out. Thanks in advance.


Are you using the same cable provided in the kit? Did you try holding the cable with the port for some time? Do you believe the port is loose?

Hello @das20ucse101 ,
I also faced the similar problem. When I was pulling out USB cable from Bolt module, micro USB port got damaged. It stopped working, it was working only by pressing the port against the module.
Then I got the port replaced by a mobile phone repairing shop.
I suggest you to please check whether your module’s micro USB port is fine. If you feel it is moving a little bit when tap on it by finger, then visiting a phone repair shop will solve your issue.
Thanking You