Bolt Wi-fi Module not working

Only the green LED is glowing when connected to power supply.

@jishant2000 when you connect the wifi module to the power supply blue light should blink slowly.
Make sure that the power supply is 5V-1A so that the wifi module do not get damaged.
Connect the wifi module to the power adapter(android mobile charger) or to a laptop using micro usb cable.
And follow the steps given in setting up the module properly.
Green led will be glowing when the wifi module is connected to the wifi.
Handle the wifi module with care.

Good luck

Connect your bolt device with laptop using usb charging cable and then connect you mobile and wifi module with a same wifi wait for while .your mobile should have internet availability also.
After wifi connect blue light is stable then if you have downloaded the mobile app then add device in it. This will connect your device to bolt cloud.