Bolt wifi is not connecting to my account

I changed my router, now when I am going to connect the bolt wifi module during setup process it is not working….please do something…

When I turn the bolt wifi module on, the blue light is blinking slowly and in the bolt cloud page it is showing that the bolt device is offline.
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Hi @pompal31,
Check if the WiFi network to which you will be connecting Bolt works at 2.4 GHz. Bolt does NOT support 5 GHz WiFi.

Yes checked, it is connected to 2.4GHz. I think it has to reset the hardware module, because I have just changed the Router.

Or may be reset the MAC, if there any….

Hi @pompal31,
when you try to set up from your mobile, after clicking the option add device you will see an option written as “Show me a video how to setup”. Click on that video you may get an idea to solve your problem. I was facing the same problem but after watching the video I figured it out. Try this once hope it helps.

@pompal31 Kindly check if your bolt module is discoverable in your phone’s Wi-Fi Settings Menu as shown in the image below when the blue light is flashing.

Yes it is discoverable.

I think, my device was registered with my previous wifi-router. I recently changed my router so that it is not connecting to the router.

@pompal31 At what exact step of setup are you facing the issue? Does the blue light become stable after you setup?

I was successfully added my bolt-wifi module before, it was working fine. But few days back I reseted my ROUTER(TP-LINK), now SSID and Password of the router have changed.
After this whenever I turn the bolt-wifi module on, a blue light is blinking slowly. Also in the bolt cloud app in my android phone the device is listed but it is showing offline( RED DOT INDICATOR).
So I tried to add the device again in my bolt cloud app and it is not working.

@pompal31 Hi…you go to Bolt Cloud and click on devices in side pane and send the screenshot here.


On the Products tab,

Step 1: Click on the menu button(three vertical dots) for the bolt device
Step 2: Click on device info
Step 3: A device information dialog will come up, then simply click disconnect for the connected wifi network.

I think then you can start with your new router.

thank you it works !!

@pompal31 No problem, you can mark it as the solution.