Bolt wifi is not discovarable in my phone

i recently bought bolt training kit and i tried to connect the wifi module as per the steps but the first step ,which is connecting to bolt hotspot, is not discovarable on my phone or my laptop or any other device. the wifi module is connected properly and led is blinking slowly. At first i thought my android was causing the problem but its not . it shows all other wifi around me except bolt wifi. please help me solve this problem.

you may try these:

  1. uninstall the boltiot app and reinstall it.
  2. turn off and turn on mobile wifi again, switch off mobile data.
  3. try using Android version <12.
  4. maje sure your green led doesn’t light up while discovering your bolt module on the mobile.

1.Check whether the internet connection is stable
2.Reinstall bolt iot app

Hello @vabhinav991222
I was also facing a similar kind of problem .Using two devices - one for internet and other for bolt connection worked for me. I will suggest you to use two devices.

follow step by step you will definitely get the solution.

  1. Take 2 android mobiles which available on you.
  2. In first mobile install the BOLT IOT app on play store.
  3. open the app and follow as per guidelines .
  4. Then take second mobile then turn on hotspot.In first mobile turn off data.
  5. connect the hotspot .
  6. Then your mobile connected hotspot is visible on top,then u click that what u see in top ,set your hotspot name and password,then click on continue button.
  7. your wifi_module connected to the wifi-hotspot.
  8. Then the blue light and green light both are in stable.
  9. your setup is redy.


connect the bolt module to any “5v USB adapter at least” and check the light is blinking slowly, now open your bolt app click on ready, turn on wifi, then the light will blink faster, and then it will be connected

Yet problem has not solved.the light is glowing slowly but there is no wifi signal from the device.
Still not showing in any device.


Can you shoot a video of the BLUE light of Bolt Device blinking slowly, and on your other device show the WiFi services near you.

Upload the video on google drive and share the PUBLIC link here. We shall look into it.

Can you please reconnect the device again.
make your device connect to wifi-hotspot and connect the wifi to your bolt device.
definitely it works.

Both green light and blue light are stable.when connection is done.