Bolt WiFi is not working

Bolt WiFi is not connecting. I have followed all the steps when I try to enter bolt IOT and password it shows no internet connection. I have to give project in 10 days. Please help me. I paid $175 and it seems I wasted my money.


Do not worry, if the module has a manufacturing defect, then we’ll replace it with no charges.

Which step are you facing an issue, can you elaborate on that, so that I can help you get started.

When I try to connect with bolt IOT WiFi. There is no range. Boli WiFi don’t have WiFi range.


Can you share a screenshot of the WiFi signal from your App?

Also, do mention the steps you have followed till now, when you tried to connect your Bolt module to your WiFi network.

It started working. Thank you so much. But when I start my program it shows you have rate-limited try after 5 hrs. How to resolve this error? I create a on the Ubuntu virtual server. When I try to run my program it shows you have a rate limited. Do I need to add anything to my bolt account? I am making smart garage door using bolt IOT and arduino. Please guide me. It is my first project.


Your Bolt module is rate limited. You must have received a mail regarding this.
For more details, refer to -

Suggesting, not to use ‘val’ less than 30 (30 seconds) in time.sleep(val).

For Bolt Pro subscribed users, it is suggested to use at least 5 seconds or more in between the next response. (refer to the link above)

Let me know if you have any other queries.