Bolt wifi module blinking fast

my wifi module is blink fast and status is red on the bolt iot apk .iam trying to connect it to the hotspot of another phone.
What do do now ?
Please help

If the blue LED is blinking fast it is connected to a wifi network, it could be the previous network that you used to connect,so try switching off the previous wifi network and try again. Make sure you download the bolt iot app in the mobile phone which you are going to use as a hotspot.

if blue led is blinking then it is showing that your bolt wifi module haven’t connected to a wifi router connect it through your mobile app


Fast blinking Blue LED means that the Bolt device is not able to connect to the Wifi Source and is in the configuration mode.

You can check if the wifi source to which you had connected the device in available. Also check if the password of the wifi source is changed or not.

If the device is still not able to connect to the source automatically, then you can re-configure the device the same way you had done it the first time.

okay, 1st you neded to understand that you are connecting the phone to the iot module not the iot module to the phone. it will stop blinking once your phone is connected the iot module hotspot. make sure that you are connecting your phone to hotspot when the bolt iot app is running.

if the blue led is blinking faster it is connected with your app.Press contiue and connect it with a new network.