Bolt WiFi Module connections with Home Appliances / Home Automation

How can I connect my WiFi module to different appliances. What is the range of its power?

@vivek.18mca3027, the range of the Bolt WiFi module will not be more than a few meters(10-15m) from the WiFi router.
Can you please let me know what kind of appliances are you looking to connect to it?

Home appliances like CFL, LED lights fans etc…

Hi @vivek.18mca3027,

For controlling your home appliances you will have to connect the Bolt WiFi module to your Home appliences via a relay.
Please view the following link for details of how you can do the same.


Hi @vinayak.joshi Thanks for the link you send. Can you please assist me for connecting it with a Dual Channel relay?

Hi @abhishekjns2007,

Using a 2 channel relay is not that much different from using 2 single channel relays taped together.

The only difference is going to be that, instead of 2 GND connections and 2 VCC connections at the input side, you will have only 1 GND and VCC connection at the input.

since the wifi module can support only upto 5 for home appliances we can use relay switch along with wifi module which can support 220v.the range of wifi module is about 15-20 meter.

The bolt wifi module support up to only 5 volt.
So you need to connect it to a relay module that can use the wifi module with mains voltage to operate equipments like cfl ,fan and etc.

my bulb isnt staying on when i click on ‘on’ the bulb just blinks and turns off, can anyone tell me whats the issue here?

the wifi module power range is 5v,so wifi module will be connected only in laptop port. not connected room switch i.e 220v. now comming to topic make a perfect bulb connection, while loose connction will happens the bulb is blinking.

Hi @nartawar.prathmesh,

Check this project

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.