Bolt WiFi Module Damaged. How to get replacement?

if my wifi bolt module has got damaged due to some reason. how can i get a new wifi bolt module

You can get your new WiFi bolt module from amazon.The link is given below:

In case your bolt device has been damaged, you will have to order another one from Bolt. They cannot be replaced. You can also check sites like amazon for it.

if your wifi bolt module has been damaged you can always check the following links


i hope this was helpful :slight_smile:

I would recommend you share the issue with the damaged device along with what experiment you were performing when the issue occurred on the forum. Do include photos if possible and describe the issue in detail. In case this issue is due to any manufacturing defect then and if your device is under warranty then it will be replaced by Bolt IoT without any charges.

You can buy a new bolt module from amazon.