Bolt wifi module faulty

Recently i purchased the Robotics and Arduino training and received a kit for the following.
But the wifi iot module that i received is not working.
As per the instructions the module should have a slow blue blinking light at the start but when I connect the module to the power both blue and green light stays on continuously (no blinking). There is no blue blinking light.
I cannot even connect it to the bolt app.
I have tried all the troubleshooting such as change the wire cable, plug in laptop or charger, download app on different devices but it is the same problem.


check the email id for which you registred in cloud using same email id account (play store or app store) you have to install the app. please tell if this one works

First, you need to make sure that you are logged into the same account that is registered in the cloud platform. You will also to keep your wifi on and mobile data off, also check if any firewalls are active.
If both the LEDs are stable it means that the bolt wifi module is already linked to the cloud so, then you will need to check your bolt cloud account if that device is available.
You will also need to check if you module is connected to the same wifi router as the laptop.
Hopefully, this will help you

I think it’s with firmware problem,

Guys i emailed them and they sent me a replacement product. Thankyou everyone.

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