Bolt wifi module for arduino

Can I connect the bolt wifi module to an arduino board in the same way as one would connect the ESP8266?

Absolutely not. Don’t take the step to directly connect the pin out of the chip to the arduino. Make sure to use the existing pins (RX-TX) for serial communication with Arduino.

If the Wifi module is hampered, it may result in removing the Bolt IoT firmware.

If your query is something else, do elaborate on the matter.

For my project I am planning on using an Arduino board along with the bolt Wifi module. The Arduino will be connected to and will control an ultrasonic sensor for which the code will be in the Arduino ide itself. However, I also plan on using the LM35 to provide additional additional features. This LM35 will be connected to the bolt Wifi module. I want to know how to connect the bolt module to the Arduino Uno/Nano board, so that the project utilizes both.

Incase you have worked with serial communication before, you can start with it rightaway.

Refer to - for more details.

There are a few forum posts where the doubts and error regarding arduino have been cleared out. If you don’t find any, let me know.

I’ll refer you to them as well as guide you to make it work.

My doubt is basically the process of linking arduino to bolt wifi module. I have seen a few videos online on how to connect a wifi module to arduino and most of the demonstrated the process using ESP8266.

You don’t need to follow any such videos available online. You can go through this video and you’ll get a hold of how to connect the Bolt IoT with Arduino.

If you face any issues, or have doubt then let me know.

Is there a way to personally text you? This problem is specific to my project.

You can mention your issue or query with code, screenshots, and images over here.

It’s a little tough to converse over text. I have the following queries:

  1. I have seen the video you sent me, does the same connection hold good for all arduino boards? Nano, uno, etc?
  2. For my purpose I need an ultrasonic sensor, a buzzer and an LDR. How should I make the connections? Can we connect two external devices to bolt (LDR and buzzer)?
  3. What chronology should my python code for bolt follow if I want to control both with it?

  1. Yes you can use any Arduino Board. I can personally assure as I have worked with both of them with a Bolt module.
  2. You’ll find existing projects on hackster for details on connections. If you don’t find any, I’ll share a circuit diagram with you.
    Yes you can use an LDR and buzzer simultaneously with the Bolt Module. But since you already have the Bolt module connected, you won’t require to depend on the Bolt for the taking sensor inputs, arduino can do that job.
  3. If you are using an arduino, you have to program it in the IDE itself regarding the sensor inputs. Then use serial communication to send the data to the Bolt module. In python, write a code, such that it reads its serial pins (TX-RX) every 5-10 seconds.To get the data.

Since you are a beginner, I’d recommend you to use the existing arduino library for boltiot, and use the sensor input to display on the Bolt Daashboard with plot chat.

Later I’ll refer you how to use python to perform that and take raw sensor data to use i.

Yes this is my first experience in this field, and I didn’t quite get the third point. I understand that I have to write the code to control the sensor on the Arduino IDE, but I am unable to understand the second part of your 3rd point.

In that case, I suggest you to go through basics of Arduino. Write a few projects with the kit that you have. I’ll send you a couple of links if I find any containing those.

You can also, youtube ‘serial communication with arduino’ and watch for basic programs and tutorials.

I’ll be here to guide you through it.

For my project I need the following devices.

  1. Ultrasonic sensor
  2. DTH22/DTH11
  3. LDR
  4. Buzzer

I know how to connect the Ultrasonic sensor to the arduino and how to the connect 3 and 4 to Bolt. But how do I I integrate both?

I have mentioned it already, that since you have an arduino with you, you don’t need to connect the LDR and buzzer with Bolt.

But does your project require you to do so?

I’ll tell you the steps to follow and how to start with it. But you’ll have to write the code and logic by yourself.

Yes, those are additional features. But I think I am required to make use of the bolt wifi module for evaluation.

Yes, don’t worry about that. You’ll be using Bolt module for sending the data to cloud or your python file.

That’s why I asked you to go through the workshop video and

I believe it will be more clear to you then.

Other than that, I’ll be in touch with you soon. But I recommend you to go through the workshop videos and install the boltiot library on your Arduino IDE by then.

My current arduino board is damaged and I have ordered a new one. It’s on the way, once it arrives I will download the bolt library on it. But how shall I contact you hence to guide me with the hardware connections between arduino and the bolt wifi module?

Go through the Serial Communication Basics.

After that, You should be able to read the documentation in

In case you are not able to understand any step or command provided in it, let me know then. I’ll explain it to you over a zoom session.

I have got my hardware. When can we have that zoom session?

Hi ,

I recommend you to go through the training, you’ll know by the end, in which place you have doubt.

Everything is mentioned in the training.

In case you don’t understand anything, you can go through what I have mentioned below,

In case you still don’t know how to proceed with your project, let me know I’ll help you from over here.