Bolt Wifi Module goes offline again and again

My bolt wifi module goes offline again and again and I have to restart it to get it online.I’m facing this issue after iI updated my module firmware version and also there is no issue with my internet.

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@mustafabsc If you are using mobile hotspot please check the no of connections allowed.If you are using wifi please take this to

no of connections is unlimited and also tried with limit one causes same problem device stays connected to hotspot but goes offline

try keeping your phone closer to the device. Or maybe try reinstalling the app. Or connecting to other phone’s hotspot.

Hi @mustafabsc,

To debug the issue :
Connect your Bolt device to some other wifi network and check if you are facing the same issue. Also check if you are using app that optimize the internet usage over hotspot.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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The internet connection might be unstable .Please use a stable wifi network for the same.

Check your network connection also Power supply @maxisoblivious

If the device is going offline multiple times you should go to the android app of bolt and check if your device is offline or not if offline then you should click on add device-> ready->and connect to the a stable wifi–> give the corect password if needed It may work. Mine had the same problem i did it and it worked well or you can check if you are in the wifi range.

hey. the same thing happened with me as well. sometimes few devices do not support the wifi connection . i tried with different device and it worked. try that