Bolt wifi module is not linked to my mobile

bolt wifi module is not linked to my mobile

Install the Bolt App on ur phone. For connecting the Bolt to your cloud account, the Bolt IoT Mobile App is available for download on the Android Play store and iOS App Store. It is not available for other mobile OS such as Windows since the number of users of these Mobile OS is very low. Search for “Bolt IoT” on the App Store.

Once you have downloaded the app, use the same username and password that you used for creating your Bolt Cloud account to log in to the app.

  1. For that you first have to connect your bolt wifi module with a 3.3v power supply.
    2.Then you must have the Bolt IoT application downloaded on your smartphone, it is available on the Googles Playstore and on Apples appstore too.
  2. After connecting the bolt wifi module with the power supply just open the application on your mobile and log in the details which is your registered email address and the password.
  3. Then follow the steps as directed on the mobile screen.
  4. And then your bolt wifi module will be linked to your mobile.

NOTE: Q. How will you get to know that your mobile is now linked with the bolt wifi module?
Ans. Two lights will glow after the successful linking. The colour of lights will be green and
blue. And they must glow properly not just blink.

To connect wifi module you need two mobile phones and then follow the steps given below.
1.Download Bolt Iot app in first phone.
2.Start the wifi module by supplying power using USB cable. The blue LED starts blinking slowly which indicates wifi module is transmitting its hotspot for connection for setup.
3.Turn off internet in first phone and turn on the wifi.
4.Select the bolt hotspot.
5.When your phone got connected with wifi module’s hotspot the blue LED will blink faster.
6.Turn on hotspot in second phone.
7.Open Bolt iot app connect the wifi module with second phone’s hotspot by following the steps described in app.
8.When the setup is completed the blue LED will become stable and stop blinking.
9.If the internet connection of second phone is on along with hotspot then the green LED which indicates internet connectivity of wifi module will glow and become stable.
10.The green LED indicates that the BOLT wifi module got internet connectivity and also got connected with BOLT CLOUD.
11.If the internet connection is off in second phone then your wifi module is connected with the second phone’s hotspot but does not have internet connectivity.So turn on the internet of second phone.

@chittatibalaji0571 What is the issue exactly? Any explanation or a screenshot would be really helpful.

could you please explain ur problem clearly…

Try bringing the bolt device closer to your mobile.Then you will see the blue LED blinking fast.This is the indication that bolt wifi is accessed by mobile.Then try connecting the device with your home/college/other wifi.Try again till successfully connected.

What to do if I am not able to login to my router?

1.go to playstore in your mobile. Boltiot app.
3.register your acoount in mobile phone in BoltIot app.
4.follow the steps what it asking to you.
5.then connect it to your available wifi connection.
6.then first the green light blinks and blue light becomes stable, after few seconds both the green light and blue light becomes stable.
7.then the BoltIot app shows the status online i.e it shows green light in your moblie

For linking your bolt WiFi module first you install bolt IoT app and then as per app’s guidelines if you follow the steps properly then your bolt wifi module will link to your mobile.
Bolt app gives us proper step by step guidelines.

Hi there,
I hope you download botiot app and sign in.
First you have to add device and follow step.
If you loction service on battery saver mode then set location of your mobile high accuracy.
When you do that make sure that your mobile data is off, then select wifi hotspot on screen
Then next you see wifi networks of your wift ,select and see on cloud wifi module status if status is online then ok and on wifi module has green light is on

I also faced the same problem. When the wifi module is not linked to my mobile at that time reset the Asus router but asus router login not working. I felt so hesitate about that problem.

Sir I’m getting like this ,I have tried many times. Please help