Bolt wifi module is not starting

I am havng an issue with my bolt WiFi module. When I connect the LDR sensor and resistor the blue and green LED stops glowing but the module is working fine if nothing is connected to it except the power supply. The module makes a hissing sound and a part under the ESP8266 chip gets heated up.

Here are images of the WiFi module and the part which gets heated…

dont worry the same thing happened to me also, you just have to connect the LDR sensor and resistor as mentioned and make sure they are connected tight, apply a little bit of pressure on the resistor as it gets loose and also check your power supply. try to move the power cable or try to push to make it tight


Did the above solution work for you?

Hi @dvrathore212
Thank you for your suggestion, my module is working fine now.

Hi @yeshwant.naik ,
Yes sir it worked, my WiFi module is working fine now, thank you.